Tuesday, January 1, 2013

LYM: Pursuits

I was a designer at Log Your Memory for 2012. Now that the year is over, I'm sharing the layouts that I created for it. Here's the first...

I’ve always been a busy person. Even when I was little, my parents saw to it that I was involved in things outside of school to learn, meet friends, or help others. In grade school, they signed me up for soccer (for which I was not cut out but was lucky enough to experience having my dad as my coach), Brownies, dance, choir, and church missions. When I was 12, enough people must have thought I was pretty responsible because I babysat often.
A little later on, when I really started making my own choices, I continued with the church groups but became very active in band: playing clarinet and serving as the drum major for the marching band. I signed up for Beta club to round out my college applications. I was really excited to get a job when I was 16, shelving books at the public library.
In college, I probably juggled too much: I continued in band, was the business manager for a musical theatre group, worked at least 10 hours a week, interned at a brokerage… I could go on and on.
After getting married, I taught as a catechist in our church and thought about playing in a community band, but I decided to serve as a board member for Prevent Child Abuse instead. More recently, I’ve served as the chairperson of the Pastoral Council, co-chair of the PTO, and a member of the Moms Group and baptism committee.
As a child, I didn’t have to continue in something if I didn’t want to, but once I signed up for something, my parents made sure that I saw it through. I hope that through my commitments as well as the ones that they make, my own kids also value being an involved, dependable person.

Scrapdango July 2011 Sugar kit (manufacturers: Bo Bunny, Simple Stories, Bazzill, Prima):