Wednesday, April 4, 2012

7th birthday Tea Party

My medium child just turned 7. She decided six months or so ago that she wanted to have an American Girl party, so went the English tea party route. It was tons of fun, and I thought I'd share here what we did (also so that I can remember for my youngest daughter someday!). I've added links to the pictures that I was inspired by.

The invite requested “Fancy tea party attire” (dress, gloves, hat, pearls) and had a tea bag tied to the top.

American Girl-themed Food:
Sombrita’s Sandwiches: pimento cheese on mini bagel, chicken apple salad on waffle, ham/American/lettuce/Italian dressing on wheat, turkey/cheddar/tomato/vinaigrette dressing on white

Josefina’s Pinwheel wraps

Felicity’s Cheeses & crackers

Penny’s Carrot sticks/ranch

Sugar’s Fruit kebobs/yogurt dip

Mrs. Merriman’s Macaroni Salad

Coconut’s Treats: lady fingers, cream puffs, rock candy sticks, marshmallows

Kit’s cakes: Big & Mini cupcakes (choc. & white, colored icings, sprinkles), cake pops

Cecile’s drinks: Sprite w/ Kool-aid ice cubes

Cupcake Bases: Williams Bakery
Inspiration: stacked cupcakes, adding cotton candy

Cake Pops credits: Short and Sweet Desserts


Plastic "chocolate" rectangular plates that were on sale at CVS, doilies for placemats, decorated tables with rose petals, confetti, lace, tulle, pearls, beads, and ribbons.

The birthday girl got a chair decorated with ribbons, and she made tissue flowers for the others.

We had a photobooth, which the girls loved. I used paper chains/tissue paper in background, and the girls held either a paper fan or flower as a prop.

Behind the food table, I hung the Happy Birthday banner from home and placed her age in photos on a foam board.

Favors: teacups with treats inside (I also made hair barrettes for each girl).

We also had craft tables: bracelet making (I prepackaged beads and stretchy cord to make it easy on the kids), American Girl sticker coloring, edible teacups (butter cookie, non-pariels, big marshmallow, life saver, icing), and an American Girl word search. We played a game called Pass the Parcel and had a dance party at the end.


anazelia said...

Fabulous. I am so impressed with all you did