Thursday, May 24, 2012

What we're doing this summer...

Our 2012 Summer Bucket List:

Badge Name - Description

1.                         An Apple a Day - No Sugar Day

2.                         Mother Nature – Pull weeds, plant something, star gaze

3.                         Hiking

4.                         BioDome - go to the zoo

5.                         New entertainment- Pick out some new toys/books/snacks at the Dollar Tree

6.                         Shhhhh – Read 25 books (of appropriate difficulty) throughout the summer. See how many different places you can read (under a tree, at the pool, etc.)

7.                         Felicity & Ben- tour Colonial Williamsburg

8.                         Castle – make a marshmallow castle using toothpicks

9.                         The King’s Palace – Visit Graceland

10.         Know Thyself – Write in a journal at least once a week

11.         Mommy Rules- Go on a date with Mommy

12.         Daddy Rocks- Go on a date with Daddy

13.         Catch a Wave- go to the beach, build a sandcastle, collect shells

14.         Smarty Pants – finish workbook over the summer

15.         Handyman – make a monkey-powered plane @ Lowe’s 6/9 @ 10am or 6/10 @ 2pm

16.         SwinterChristmas in Summer: pick out a $5 treat

17.         Wordsmith – learn a new word every weekday

18.         Fresh from the Garden- pick out food from a produce stand

19.         Front of the Bus- visit the Rosa Parks museum. Journal about your thoughts.

20.         Baker- make and decorate different kinds of cupcakes and soft pretzels

21.         Art is Fine- sidewalk chalk, crafts, art, classical music

22.         Spielberg- make your own movie using stuffed animals/dolls as characters and legos as sets. Videotape.

23.         Not a hoarder – clean out old clothes and toys

24.         Alphabet tour- Take a walk and journal about things you see from A-Z

25.         Daredevil- Ride roller coasters @ Kings Dominion

26.         Neighborhood Heroes – deliver treats to the fire station

27.         Outdoorsperson – Make a Catch-a-fish game and Wildlife seminar 2pm 6/26

28.         Historian – make a time capsule

29.         Heritage – make a family crest based on where we are from

30.         Creamery- make homemade ice cream

31.         Saints- read a story about a saint and write a short report

32.         Cascade- Crabtree Falls

33.         Nautical- Make and sail a milk carton boat

34.         Bubble- Learn to blow a gum bubble

35.         Cartographer – Draw and color a map of important places in your life (where you live, where you were born, church, fave vacation spot, etc.)

36.         Flashback- play games of the past (jacks, bottlecaps, marbles, run with cups of water and don’t spill), listen to music of the past, get a drink from an old-time soda fountain

37.         Lazy Day- Pajamas/Movies + Popcorn/Computer/Wii/TV day

38.         Collector- Do something with your collections (bottle cap chain, paint rocks to look like bugs)

39.         Mama is no Maid- help Mommy and Daddy with chores (at least 1x a week over the summer to earn the badge)

40.         Don’t Forget- Visit the Alamo

41.         The next Michael Phelps- set a personal record in a swim meet

42.         Arcade- make up an arcade game

43.         Haiku- Make 10 haiku poems about things you do in summer

44.         CandyChuteOpoly- make up your own board game using poster board

45.         The Great Outdoors- have a picnic and play at a park we’ve never been to before

46.         Factory – Take a factory tour

47.         Side view – make silhouettes

48.         I love Virginia- Visit the Governor’s Mansion and State Capitol

49.         Cycling- Learn to ride a two-wheeler

50.         Busy as a Bee- Earn all 49 badges… big time treat!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bonus Cousins

Last summer, the kids and I met my husband's cousin and her family for the first time (and we'd been married 11 years at that point!). It was amazing to see how quickly the kids bonded. We're planning on going back this summer!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Just quickly sharing a vacation layout using Scrapdango kit leftovers...
Have a lovely Wednesday!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Scrapdango Crowned week 2: Pageant Moms

We would be remiss to have a pageant competition and leave out those loveable, low-key pageant moms! My challenge to you is to create something for a mom in honor of Mother's Day. It can be a layout, card, or altered art. It can be made for your mom, your mother-in-law, a grandmother, a friend or sibling that is a great mom, yourself... anyone that is a mother figure. I used the May Sugar kit to create this for my mom (I just need to get a frame!) The pictures of her grandkids will go on the largest 9 circles. The three flowers at the bottom with the initials represent my sisters and I.
I was inspired by this! Entries must be posted by midnight EST Sunday, May 13th. I hope you can play along with us this week!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scrapdango May reveal

I had been WAITING for this kit! These releases from Studio Calico and Crate Paper go so well together, I want to order another one! Be sure to mark your calendar for May 5th, when the new kits go on sale. :) So many great boy colors were in this kit. I rarely use pink in my son's book, but I like the pop that it gives this page...
I used almost every patterned paper in this layout with a picture from my parents's wedding. I was inspired by this layout from Susan Weinroth and used 30 hearts to represent their 30 years of marriage.
I wanted to feature the fab patterns again on this double layout, but there are so many awesome embellishments, that I had to work them in, too.
Lastly, I made this mini gratitude journal for my goddaughter with a Jenni Bowlin circle album. It's adorable, just like her.
Stay tuned this week for more reveals!