Thursday, May 24, 2012

What we're doing this summer...

Our 2012 Summer Bucket List:

Badge Name - Description

1.                         An Apple a Day - No Sugar Day

2.                         Mother Nature – Pull weeds, plant something, star gaze

3.                         Hiking

4.                         BioDome - go to the zoo

5.                         New entertainment- Pick out some new toys/books/snacks at the Dollar Tree

6.                         Shhhhh – Read 25 books (of appropriate difficulty) throughout the summer. See how many different places you can read (under a tree, at the pool, etc.)

7.                         Felicity & Ben- tour Colonial Williamsburg

8.                         Castle – make a marshmallow castle using toothpicks

9.                         The King’s Palace – Visit Graceland

10.         Know Thyself – Write in a journal at least once a week

11.         Mommy Rules- Go on a date with Mommy

12.         Daddy Rocks- Go on a date with Daddy

13.         Catch a Wave- go to the beach, build a sandcastle, collect shells

14.         Smarty Pants – finish workbook over the summer

15.         Handyman – make a monkey-powered plane @ Lowe’s 6/9 @ 10am or 6/10 @ 2pm

16.         SwinterChristmas in Summer: pick out a $5 treat

17.         Wordsmith – learn a new word every weekday

18.         Fresh from the Garden- pick out food from a produce stand

19.         Front of the Bus- visit the Rosa Parks museum. Journal about your thoughts.

20.         Baker- make and decorate different kinds of cupcakes and soft pretzels

21.         Art is Fine- sidewalk chalk, crafts, art, classical music

22.         Spielberg- make your own movie using stuffed animals/dolls as characters and legos as sets. Videotape.

23.         Not a hoarder – clean out old clothes and toys

24.         Alphabet tour- Take a walk and journal about things you see from A-Z

25.         Daredevil- Ride roller coasters @ Kings Dominion

26.         Neighborhood Heroes – deliver treats to the fire station

27.         Outdoorsperson – Make a Catch-a-fish game and Wildlife seminar 2pm 6/26

28.         Historian – make a time capsule

29.         Heritage – make a family crest based on where we are from

30.         Creamery- make homemade ice cream

31.         Saints- read a story about a saint and write a short report

32.         Cascade- Crabtree Falls

33.         Nautical- Make and sail a milk carton boat

34.         Bubble- Learn to blow a gum bubble

35.         Cartographer – Draw and color a map of important places in your life (where you live, where you were born, church, fave vacation spot, etc.)

36.         Flashback- play games of the past (jacks, bottlecaps, marbles, run with cups of water and don’t spill), listen to music of the past, get a drink from an old-time soda fountain

37.         Lazy Day- Pajamas/Movies + Popcorn/Computer/Wii/TV day

38.         Collector- Do something with your collections (bottle cap chain, paint rocks to look like bugs)

39.         Mama is no Maid- help Mommy and Daddy with chores (at least 1x a week over the summer to earn the badge)

40.         Don’t Forget- Visit the Alamo

41.         The next Michael Phelps- set a personal record in a swim meet

42.         Arcade- make up an arcade game

43.         Haiku- Make 10 haiku poems about things you do in summer

44.         CandyChuteOpoly- make up your own board game using poster board

45.         The Great Outdoors- have a picnic and play at a park we’ve never been to before

46.         Factory – Take a factory tour

47.         Side view – make silhouettes

48.         I love Virginia- Visit the Governor’s Mansion and State Capitol

49.         Cycling- Learn to ride a two-wheeler

50.         Busy as a Bee- Earn all 49 badges… big time treat!


maryjane said...

What a great list! I've been looking for things to do with my kids this summer - I should make a list like this too, and maybe borrow a couple of your ideas ;)