Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gauche Alchemy

I'm trying something a little different today (I had too much coffee this morning!).

I thought I would have a little fun posting some projects done with Gauche Alchemy products(NOT mine... way cooler than mine!), that I found while trolling the web in an effort to be more artsy-thinking (which will hopefully translate into ME being able to create more artsy projects, which you know I've complained before that I fail miserably at). {Yes, I know that is a disaster of a sentence, but it fits perfectly with my disasterous painting experiments... and my high caffeine levels won't let me concentrate enough to fix it!}

One of my great addictions is cake shows. There's something about building layer after layer of yummy, creative goodness (oh, yes, and sugar... caffeine's best friend!) that keeps me looking for cake shows on TV.

Cake decorating style 1: vintage wedding

Imagine pearls and lace and dainty flowers.

Julia Stainton created this fabulous layout with producs from a Gauche kit using all three of these elements- emphasis on the amazing lace (Not Amazing Grace... that's a funeral song, not usually appropriate for a wedding.)! Look at the sparkle of the little blue gem. And, I just adore the rolled paper flowers.

Cake decorating style 2: child's birthday

Think crappy plastic toys. Horrible for a cake, right? Especially one that you paid $600 for.

But, genius for a layout. Can you imagine getting fun army men in a kit for use on a paper project?

Merdrey created this layout that I'm in love with (look at the paint splatters!)...

...{and, woot!, I just remembered that my son has a few army men that he got during the Valentine's swap at school. What do you suppose that means, anyway? I'm not sure war=love}.

Finally, cake decorating style 3: horror

{What? Have you never seen Cake Wrecks??? Go there after finishing this post!}

Horror... like a spider being stabbed to death. Okay, not really- that would be gross. But, take a look at this pin cushion by Carmen:!

I hope you enjoyed this post... I had fun writing it. And, now I need more coffee! I'll be back in a few days with my own work.

P.S. For more info on Gauche Alchemy, see their store or blog.