Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journaling Junkie: Big News Story

This fortnight's challenge at Journaling Junkie is to document a big news story that you have lived through. I chose a layout from a few years ago (like you couldn't tell that by looking at it... LOL!) about September 11, as I was a direct witness to it...

I do need to go back and do an actual layout on the day itself with more detail, as there are other things that I'm now remembering and didn't include here.

This trip was originally planned for September of 2001, but then the terrorist attacks of September 11 changed the baseball game that we had tickets to.

On September 11, I was working in Arlington, VA and saw the smoke from the Pentagon attack after watching the Trade Center attacks in New York on TV. Joey watched as fire and rescue vehicles made their way to the city. I spent the afternoon watching military airplanes fly cover over the city from our apartment balcony. I had to tell my dad what happened because he had been golfing that morning. I cried for a couple of years every time footage of that day was shown on TV. I really thought we were going to die that day. I think most of the country must have thought so, too, because people were so much nicer for a year or so afterwards.


Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Oh my, how scary to have such a close view of events on 9/11. It was frightening enough to watch in on TV, I can't imagine having a first hand view. Great to document this, I hope you do go back and add even more!