Saturday, September 22, 2012

40 Days of Celebration

My husband turns 40 today!

A lot of his family lives out of town, so I wanted a way that we could involve lots of people in his celebration without them having to travel.

Enter the 40-Day Countdown Party... My idea was for him to receive something special representing the number of days left until his birthday, starting 40 days ahead of time. On each person's day, they either dropped off items at our house, emailed them to him, or mailed them to arrive on that day.

Here's the final list of what he received:
40 birthday cake candles
39 half-dollars
38 marshmallows
37 lollipops
36 cookies
35 packages of Ramen noodles
34 baseball cards
33 balloons
32 (+18) balls at the driving range
31 minute nap
30 sticks/pieces of gum
29 jelly beans
28 things that happened in 1972
27 mints
26 word searches
25 jokes
24 mini cupcakes
23 wasabi peas
22 fortune cookies
21 Jumble puzzles
20 dollar donation to charity
19 sunflower seeds
18 batting cage pitches
17 candy bars
16 oz. of coffee
15 pretzel rods
14 sodas
13 bagels
12 doughnuts
11 origami cranes
10 lottery tickets
9 car fresheners
8 iTunes songs
7 snack bags of peanuts
6 different beers
5 cans of chili
4 peanut butter cups
3 bags of popcorn
2 bottles of wine
1 gift card

It was a ton of fun, and he looked forward to each day.

Here's the card that I made him: